Stop sending, start sharing.

Frequent email exchanges and manual data entry are inefficient and leave your data exposed. DeepBox lets you process, store and share documents in a secure and automated cloud environment.



Documents processed through DeepO artificial intelligence, since January 2023.

Discover the all-in-one Swiss document sharing platform.

Enable effective collaboration through a secure and highly automated digital platform.

Smart document organisation

Cognitive data capture technology and automated processes let you acquire, analyse, tag, classify, filter and retrieve your documents faster and more efficiently than ever.


Swiss security standards

The cloud solution of DeepCloud AG is ISO 27001:2013-certified and stores your data in Switzerland.

Efficient collaboration

DeepBox lets you seamlessly connect with anyone, and share your box and your most important files in a safe, high-security Swiss cloud-based environment. With DeepBox, document management is secure, efficient and worry-free.


Trigger instant payments

Thanks to native integration with YAPEAL you can trigger and monitor instant payments, and say goodbye to excessive paperwork, slow transactions and ineffective business processes.


Sign anywhere, send anywhere

Sign any document with your legally valid digital signature from DeepSign, the advanced digital signature service natively built on DeepBox.


Share with trusted partners

DeepBox identifies the people and verifies the companies you share your documents with, so you know you can trust them.

Seamless data processing

DeepBox smooths your professional workflows through its native integration with Abacus, the Swiss leader in ERP software. Automated data acquisition and file classification means maximum efficiency with Abacus and 21.AbaNinja.


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Say hello to smooth, easy, worry-free document sharing.