NinjaBox - The fiduciary takes centerstage.

NinjaBox is the perfect solution for fiduciaries, who would like to offer their clients a powerful administration software to optimise their daily business processes.


A streamlined process.

The combination of DeepBox and AbaNinja allows you to easily manage AbaNinja for your customers. Thanks to NinjaBox, you are responsible for the customer onboarding process and have a direct connection to financial accounting in your Abacus ERP.


Administrative autonomy for business management.

With AbaNinja, small companies managed by a fiduciary can log in to the cloud invoicing program and autonomously control:

    •    Offers and invoicing
    •    Clients' addresses
    •    Incoming and outgoing payments    
    •    DeepBox app for receipt scanning


Financial accounting autonomy.

Thanks to the automatic entry in the Abacus ERP of receipts and payments from AbaNinja, you will always have a clear picture of your clients' financial situation. Once the onboarding process is completed, you will enjoy professional, efficient and autonomous accounting management.


Clear workflows for you and your clients.

NinjaBox integrates at best AbaNinja in your Abacus ERP while creating a secure cloud space for your administrative documents. Your clients will thus enjoy greater autonomy in their daily administrative tasks and you will have the control required to manage their accounts in a professional fashion.


DeepBox + AbaNinja = NinjaBox
Two services in one.


CHF 30.00/month

1 NinjaBox
3 AbaNinja users
Only with Advanced box at CHF 9.00/month incl.

Offer your clients daily administrative autonomy while enjoying automated accounting management.