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Let AI do your data processing.


Process your documents automatically with DeepO, the industry-leading cognitive data capture AI native to DeepBox.


Say goodbye to unnecessary manual input.

Data entry typically has low added value and a high probability of error – perfect for automating with DeepO. Well beyond standard OCR, our industry-leading cognitive data capture AI instantly recognises a wide range of document types and semantics, and integrates information from other sources to generate rich data.


All your documents processed in one place.

Equip your organisation with an AI-powered inbox to receive and automatically process all your documents. DeepO is available as a built-in DeepBox feature that enables you to acquire, analyse, classify and process documents automatically, in one smart and secure environment.


A flexible tool that easily adapts to your needs.

Whether you work with invoices, receipts, order confirmations, credit notes, pay slips or all of the above, DeepO can process data from a range of non-standardised sources. You can also tailor your data processing by customising DeepO according to your workflows.


Improve your business productivity.

When you automate repetitive data entry tasks with DeepO, you increase business efficiency by freeing up your team to focus on more important tasks like overseeing processes and guiding the most strategic aspects of the business.


Natively integrated with your Swiss ERP.

Available to Abacus and 21.AbaNinja users via DeepBox, DeepO allows you to eliminate unnecessary manual input and instantly insert your documents into your ERP. To integrate DeepO data capture with your Swiss ERP, simply sign up for DeepBox and set up your Advanced box.


Exceptional performance.
Minimal pricing.


CHF 9.00/month

Up to 50 analyses per box.
Additional analyses available at CHF 0.05/each.

CHF 0.50/analysis

No subscription required.
You pay only for the document analyses you actually use.



Documents processed through DeepO artificial intelligence, since January 2023.

DeepO is available as a built-in feature of DeepBox and as a stand-alone solution.

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