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Connecting people with data.


Analyse, share and collaborate on your business data securely with DeepV, the interactive data visualisation solution native to DeepBox.


Securely share your most valuable business data.

When you send data and spreadsheets via email, you lose control. But DeepV lets you keep control while sharing data securely and easily. With DeepV you can create a secure link so your stakeholders can browse, query and analyse your company data within limits you define, without the need to have an account. You select the specific information to share, generate a secure link, and share. It’s that easy.


Turn raw data into meaningful information.

Equip your organisation with an all-in-one dashboard for dynamic data analysis and business intelligence. DeepV puts advanced analytics at your team’s fingertips, and helps you turn raw data into meaningful information so you can make better business decisions.


Collaborate for richer data analysis.

Create visual interactive reports that can be easily shared, read and commented on by multiple stakeholders. Bring the unique added value of effective collaboration through feedback, open discussions and robust debates based on shared data. With DeepV, collaboration starts by simply sharing a secure link.

Specially designed for your Abacus ERP.


Available to Abacus customers via DeepBox, DeepV is the interactive data visualisation solution that allows you take defined corporate data sets from your Abacus ERP system and share them securely through the cloud. This way, you can make information securely available and easily readable outside your company, without the need for Abacus software to access it.


One plan. Simple.


CHF 20.00/month

Including 100 DeepV publications.
Additional publications are available at CHF 0.20/publication.

Discover how DeepV lets you safely collaborate on your most valuable business information.